Aroakainga Booking Information


  • Normal Check In 2:00pm
  • Early Check In from 6:00am @ 50% of Normal Rate
  • Normal Check Out 10:00am
  • Late Check Out to 4:00pm @ 50% of Normal Rate


  • $17 one way per person
  • Cost paid to owner
  • Aroakainga will arrange transfers with Cook Islands Tours on behalf of guests


To confirm reservation we require credit card details:

Card Number

Name of Card Holder

Expiry Date

No transaction will take place until the guest(s) arrive.

Crossing the International Dateline

The Cook Islands is 22 or 23(depending on daylight saving) hours behind NZ
e.g. When it is 5pm on Monday in the Cook Islands it is 4pm on Tues in NZ

Please check your tickets to be clear about your arrival time. If you arrive after midnight. You need to book the night before.

If you depart after midnight you need to consider normal check out is 10am and there are approximately 12 hours without accommodation until airport departure check in.

e.g. If you arrive at 12.45am on Tues. You need to book Mon night. If you depart at 1.45am on Tues you may want to book Mon night or late check out to 4pm Mon.


Flight Arrival and Departure dates and times

To confirm the reservations, we require flight details (aircraft, flight no, arrival and departure dates and times), and whether the guest(s) require airport transfers @ $15/person one way.